Meet the team

We are Elli & Sabrina, the faces (and paws) behind the boavista club. 

We founded boavista to share our passion for life with the world while creating a means to support women from our community. That's why we partnered up with Bandim, a Lisbon based NGO. Bandim empowers aspiring women from all over the world by helping them developing their handicraft skills into their own sources of income. 

With boavista we want to advocate for a more sustainable and responsible way of doing business:

  • All our products are created and produced in an ethical way, using sustainable materials
  • We offer to take back any boavista product ever sold and give it the best possible second life (upcycle, resell, donate or recycle)
  • 10% of our revenues are donated to a social cause focussing on women empowerment

We hope our products brighten up your day over and over again. 

Welcome to the boavista club 🖤