Why is Tencel so special?

Why is Tencel so special?

The first time I came across TENCEL™ was around five years ago. I was already quite interested in the sustainable fashion space, and I run into it when looking for sustainable fabrics that could also be very comfortable. I was checking  ArmedAngels, one of the first sustainable fashion brands in Germany, and saw a range of products made with this fabric.

I was curious and started to read more about it. The more I learned, the more I felt excited and interested in it. It looked like the perfect solution to what I was looking for: sustainable and comfortable appareal.

I knew I had to try it. So I bought my first piece of TENCEL™ clothing, a casual short for everyday life. 

The result? WOW, I felt immediately in love with it. I will never forget the first time I felt that smooth, soft and silky feeling, it was almost as nice as walking around naked 😉

That feeling of freedom combined with it's eco-friendly properities was already enough to turn me into an ambassador, telling my family, friends and collegues about it. 

However, after a while of using it, I came to the realization that it actually had another benefit. It's strength and durability! I was wearing it quite a lot and therefore also washed it a couple of times already, however the pants retained the color and quality very well. Even today they show barely any signs of the probably hundreds of times I wore them already! 

So, it became my go-to fabric and these days makes up a big share of the clothes I own.

That's  when it hit me. I love this fabric, I love it's feeling, it's story, it's durability, and I needed to do something with it. Create and advocate for others to join the club.

And here is where the boavista story begins! :)

A conscious way of doing "fashion", with products that can look good, while feeling and doing good. I hope you will like this garment as much as I do.

Welcome ot the club!  

What is TENCEL™?

TENCEL® is actually a brand name owned by the Austrian company Lenzing AG. While TENCEL™ can also refer to Lenzing’s modal fabric, usually the ‘tencel’ label is referring to TENCEL™ Lyocell.

Why is TENCEL™ so sustainable?

TENCEL™ is made from cellulose fiber that derives from responsible sourced wood ( FSC & PEFC certificated) by dissolving the wood pulp and using a special drying process called spinning. This makes it 100% biodegradable!

Furthemore, TENCEL's™ production process reduces the use of water (twenty times less than cotton, energy, and chemicals through what is known as a “closed loop process”

Last, but not least, is so durable that it contributes to decreasing the speed of replacement and therefore making fashion slower and better. 

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